Monday, 14 March 2016

Ammerlaan Collection

What makes an orchid into a plant of unequalled character? Of course there are the special colours. The specific shape. The mystic origin. But let’s not forget the pot. 
A well chosen pot makes en eye catcher out of every orchid. One that is in perfect harmony with the plant in the pot.





Simply stupefying!
That is the effect if you put four of those magnificent orchids together in a pot.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Be my Valentine ...

Valentine's day: the day of love ...

Being in love is one of the most best feelings a person can have !  An orchid gift stands for: love, charm, beauty, luxery, serenity and understanding. So that makes the search for that one special present a whole lot easier. 

'It's not just a plant, it's a Valentine's gift ....'

Happy Valentine ! 

Flora Magic App

How about a beautifull Ammerlaan orchid in your home?
We have the perfect solution !
De FloraMagic App brings the Ammerlaan orchid virtual to life in your living room, kitchen or any other place in your home!

See how this works:
You install the FloraMagic App, you choose the icon Ammerlaan Orchids and you type the code <ammer>  (see movie). 

The origin

Living with a little help from the trees

Phalaenopsis are natural ‘biotopes’ and originate in the tropical rainforests of Asia, New Guinea and Australia, where the plant grows in the trees as an epiphyte. The plant is not a parasite: it uses the branches more as a support and to tie itself on with its fleshy roots. The butterfly-like shape of the flowers is intended to attract butterflies and allow pollination. Long curving flower stems emerge from the broad, leathery green leaves. These stems can bear up to twenty magnificent flowers in many colours. You can spend a long time enjoying them: under ideal conditions the Phalaenopsis can bloom continuously for three months!